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Sammut New Releases


One of our most prolific composers has been up late at night.  So have KPP's music engravers.   Check out Eric's new releases.

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Price: $48.00
Product #SAMMUT/R4SQ
Sammut's Four Rotations have become some of the most frequently performed works for solo marimba. And this new arrangement re-imagines the catchy rhythms, memorable melodies and swinging, jazzy harmonies of the original - for marimba and string quintet.

Price: $32.00
Eric Sammut's Ameline, for solo marimba, has been adapted to a duo format for marimba and vibraphone. This work is full of split, syncopated rhythms divided between the two instruments.

Price: $48.00
Product #ES_MIR
Mirages is an original piece with four movements written for vibraphone, marimba, double bass, drums and clarinet/bass clarinet. The composition expresses four different musical moods and personalities.

Price: $15.00
Product #TS01
For solo Vibraphone Includes notation for Malletech Love Vibe as well as traditional vibe notation

Price: $98.00
Product #FEV3_01
For two flutes, marimba 5.0 and percussion, 1. Dance: two flutes and marimba (5.0) 2. Bossa: two flutes and marimba 5.0 and percussion (two congas w/hands, two wood blocks w/pedals) 3. March two flutes, marimba 5.0 and percussion (Mudra type snare drum) 4. Song: two flutes and marimba 5.0

Price: $58.00
Product #CWR/0
Sammut's blend of style, clear melodic ideas and improvisational elements will appear to the differing musical tastes of most audience members. As with Sammut's other works, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a favorite on college campuses.

-- Darin Olson, Percussive Notes

Price: $30.00
Product #SAMMUT/S2IN1
This groove-based marimba duo is full of energy and is ideal for showcasing two advanced marimbists. Sammut's sweet jazz harmonies and rhythmic drive make this a wonderful addition to the marimba duo repertoire.

Price: $14.00
Product #SAMMUT/AM
Eric Sammut's Ameline is for solo marimba. This solo is full of split, syncopated rhythms divided between the left and the right hand. This solo bounces between a 7/8 and 4/4 time signature.

Price: $18.00
Product #SAMMUT/IS
Music from Four-Mallet Ballet

Price: $14.00
Product #SAMMUT/SD

Price: $18.00
Product #SAMMUT/CF
Eric Sammut has arranged three charming movement's from Bizet's famous opera. Each movement has its own character but with a hint of Sammut's well known style.

Price: $22.00
Product #SAMMUT/MC
A Sammut original! Performed by Jasmin Kolberg on her CD, Mosaique, this rhythmic, dancing piece is sure to be an audience pleaser.

Price: $18.00

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