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Price: $32.00
Product #KENT/TPIT21C
Timpani may be simultaneously the most demanding, the most exciting, and the most satisfying of the symphonic percussion instruments - when they are played well. If not, they can be exactly the opposite. A great timpanist, probably more than most conductors, can influence the overall sound, rhythm and articulation of an orchestra. This book gives insight into every aspect of timpani performance, and every player should read it.

Foreword by Bob Becker

Price: $20.00
This book is a complete method for the beginning four-mallet student. Each of the five basic techniques is presented in a logical sequence through exercises, developmental etudes and short repertoire. The revised edition includes new material. Recommended for college freshmen.

Price: $15.00
Product #HATCH/C1
This fine collection of pieces by master teacher, Earl Hatch, is now available from Studio 4 Music. The collection includes Furioso and Valse in D Minor, Capriccio Marimba, Dance of the Hippolollipops, Etude 1955 and Habanera.

Price: $18.00
This outstanding etude book, written by a member of Moscow's Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, emphasizes the equalization of the two hands via musically interesting compositions. The book's level of difficulty bridges that awkward gap between intermediate 2-mallet studies and advanced etudes and solos.

Price: $32.00
Product #BAILEY/WT
After 40 years with the New York Philharmonic and more than twenty years teaching at the Juilliard School, Elden "Buster" Bailey, one of the greatest snare drummers and snare drum teachers of all time, has finally written a snare drum book!

Price: $35.00
The most detailed text ever written on the subject of four mallet playing. 15 chapters covering grip, strokes, shifts, tone production, interval changes, efficient movement around the instrument.

Price: $25.00
Product #STOUT/IK
Develop more confidence in your playing! In his landmark technique book, Gordon Stout shares his insight with articles on "kinesthetic touch" (ideo-kinetics), correct practice technique and how to sightread.

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