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Four-Mallet Method for Marimba (by James Moyer)

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This book is a complete method for the beginning four-mallet student. Each of the five basic techniques is presented in a logical sequence through exercises, developmental etudes and short repertoire. The revised edition includes new material. Recommended for college freshmen.

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Musical FeaturesThis method book features technique exercises and etudes composed by the composer of the book, as well as transcriptions from popular baroque-romantic era compositions.
The etudes selected by the composer as transcriptions are nice, but more often than not, much too complicated for the beginning percussionst.
Recommended for intermediate-advanced students to work the short etudes and to work on reading skills or certain technique development.
Technical FeaturesThis book is organized in the following order:
1) Double Verticals- applicable etudes and transcriptions
2) Single Alternating Strokes- applicable etudes and transcriptions
3) Sequential Rolls- applicable etudes and transcriptions
4) Single Independents- applicable etudes and transcriptions
5) Solos and etudes that combine all stroke types
InstrumentationMarimba 4.3 Octave
Level SuggestionMiddle School/Beginning Student