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Wings CD (by NEXUS)

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Product Information

NEXUS has been credited with expanding the modern percussion ensemble’s world of possibilities. Since the group’s first all improvised concert in 1971, the Toronto-based percussion quintet has performed its music in solo recitals and with symphony orchestras worldwide. NEXUS has captivated audiences with an eclectic mix of music that includes contemporary percussion masterworks, novelty ragtime, world music, group improvisations and compositions by the members of NEXUS themselves. Their virtuosity and innovative programming have inspired compositions from some of the greatest composers of our time.

This CD by NEXUS, ‘WINGS‘ is the 15th compact disc to be released on the group’s own ‘NEXUS’ label. The music featured on the CD includes original arrangements by NEXUS members of popular songs written by the distinguished Japanese composer, Toru Takemitsu:

[1] ‘Maru to Sankaku no Uta’ (A Song of Circles and Triangles) arranged by Robin Engelman
[2] ‘Sakura’ (Cherry Blossoms) arrangement arranged by Robin Engelman
[3] ‘Will Tomorrow, I Wonder, Be Cloudy or Clear?’ arranged by Robin Engelman
[4] ‘All That the Man Left Behind When He Died’ arranged by Robin Engelman*
[5] ‘Wings’ arranged by Bob Becker

The ‘WINGS’ CD also contains original compositions by members of NEXUS:
[6] ‘Just Sing’ (2002) by Bill Cahn
[7] ‘Unseen Child’ (2002) by Bob Becker
[8] ‘Telisi Odyssey’ (2004) by Russell Hartenberger

The music on ‘WINGS’ is a tribute to Toru Takemitsu, who was a friend and mentor to NEXUS from the late 1960s until his death in 1996.

‘In matters of color, nuance and dynamic range, Nexus offers a stunning virtuoso spectacle. Even more astonishing is the depth of musicianship and superiority of ensemble these five virtuosos brought to bear.’
- San Francisco Chronicle

Tracks(1) A Song of Circlers and Triangles

(2) Sakura

(3) Just Sing

(4) Will Tomorrow, I Wonder, Be Cloudy or Clear?

(5) Unseen Child

(6) All That The Man Left Behind When He Died

(7) Wings

(8) Telisi Odyssey I. Kumasi

(9) Telesi Odyssey II. Kerala