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Alabama Moon, A Salute to G.H Green CD (Becker/Kimura)

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Product Information

You can't imagine how fantastic these marimba and xylophone duos sound. The happiness of this highly syncopated music is as infectious as any ever written. Happy listening. Happy playing.

Featuring Bob Becker, xylophone
and Yurika Kimura, marimba

Track Listing:

  1. Swanee 


  2. The Hula Blues 

  3. Yellow Dog Blues 

  4. Castle Valse Classique 

  5. Caprice Valsant 


  6. Old Man Jazz 

  7. Poor Little Butterfly Is A Fly Gal Now 

  8. Rain 

  9. In Sweet September 

  10. The Coquette 

  11. Watermelon Whispers 

  12. Alabama Moon