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Falling Leaves, Snare Drum Solo (by Timothy Adams Jr.)

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Falling Leaves is a challenging piece for an advanced snare drummer who wants to be pushed technically, musically and creatively. 

Tim Adams Jr. is no stranger to concert percussion and has written and performed much for this instrument categroy. However, I haven't seen a snare drum solo by him yet. "Falling Leaves" fills that gap as an advanced, short (91 measures) concert snare drum solo. This would be perfect for an audition, and with Adams' extensive history, this could be his intent. This solo includes all the necessary elements you'd want to hear in an audition: long rolls of all lengths and dynamics, including tied and untied rolls, drags and four-strokes that have time to prepare and that don't, two or three areas of fairly tricky rhythms involving 7's and 5's, congruent and non-congruent flams and a ton of dynamics. If you've worked through the Delecluse books, you'll be ready for this solo. If you haven't it could take you longer than necessary and be a bit frustrating. Don't let the tempo fool you. There's an awful lot of black on the page for quarter-note equals 64!
Julia Gaines, Percussive Notes -- July 2017

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