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The Swallow (by Sharon Chen)

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This is a beautiful and innovative depiction of Xinjiang, a folk song from western China. Fluid four-mallet technique and a 5.0 octave marimba are required.

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Musical FeaturesChen uses the Chinese folk song, “The Swallow”, as her inspiration for this work. As stated in the program notes, this is “a love song expressing a man’s admiration to a girl.” The 7:30 work evokes this graceful and sweetly flowing sentiment beautifully. While the entire folk song is not presented until the last section of the work, Chen does a wonderful job creating multiple layers of the melody line, arpeggiated accompaniment, and clear bass line. Although the form is AABA, Chen provides a great deal of variety of underlying rhythms that contribute to the expressively rubato feel. Chromaticism is utilized throughout, but a general sense of tonality is constantly present. Additionally, Chen provides clear markings of her expressive direction, while also allowing the performer the freedom to make their own decisions.
Technical FeaturesThis piece is deceptively challenging. Its lyrical flow and slow tempo make it sound easy, but the work is actually technically demanding. All stroke types are required and the range and reaches cover the entire instrument. There are moments that require wide arppegio leaps in the left hand underneath the flowing melody line, as well as small interval double lateral strokes in the right hand. While challenging, the piece fits ok in the hands.
Duration7 minutes, 30 seconds
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional