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Suite for Marimba (Alfred Fissinger)

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A just-released recording of the suite by Leigh Howard Stevens is now available at

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Musical FeaturesComposed in 1950, Suite for Marimba is one of the earliest works composed specifically for solo marimba, and was championed by Vida Chenoweth. A performance can be heard on her record, Classic Marimbist. Included in the score are performance notes by Leigh Howard Stevens.
Technical Features1. Mist: The first movement can be played entirely as rolls, giving the performer some freedom as to how they choose to execute the rolls. This will certainly effect the movement musically and technically, as different roll types vary in difficulty. The composer includes several dynamic and phrase markings, such as slurs, to help guide the performer through the structure of the movement.

2. Rendezvous in Black: The second movement acts as a short scherzo in ABA form. Like Mist, rolls are not notated as such, and the execution is left up to the performer. The movement requires a performer comfortable in the large interval position, as some of the eighth note lines contain parallel octaves.

3. Esch s/ Sure: Like Mist, this movement is a chorale and the method of execution is ultimately left up to the performer. The primary challenge comes in appropriately pacing the piece over long and slow phrases. Again, the composer provides many dynamic and phrase markings.

4. Bastogne Convoy: This may be the most technically demanding of the four movements, simply due to the fast tempo and persistent eighth note rhythms throughout the movement. It also varies greatly in dynamic level, beginning at ppp and reaching fff with accents. The composer is most specific in his request for particular articulation in this movement, including staccato markings, accents, and specifically notated rolls.
DurationApprox. 12 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 4.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional