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Lethation (by Max Leth)

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Musical FeaturesThis is a jazz vibraphone solo, the tonality reflects a modern jazz idiom. The piece as a whole identifies as triple meter, with interspersed cadenza activity creating some ambiguity of meter. At the end, there is a restatement of an earlier melody, reflecting a traditional jazz structure.
Technical FeaturesThis is an extremely advanced jazz vibraphone solo. The performer must be well versed in slide dampening, and mallet dampening-- both of which are notated in the score. Attention to each measure is given regarding pedal dampening and/or expressive markings. There are several awkward leaps in this piece and mallet independence is a necessity.
Duration6 minutes, 30 seconds
InstrumentationVibraphone 3.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionGraduate study or very advanced vibraphone player.