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In Nebulous Suspension Held (by Rod Kosterman)

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A third-place winner in the 2010 PAS composition contest for marimba/cello duo.

In Nebulous Suspension held is a character piece for marimba and cello. Its title is from the following passage found in Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner:

" a pearly lambence wihout shadows and themselves partaking of it; in nebulous suspension held, strange and unpredictable, even their very shapes fluid and delicate and without substance; not in themselves floating and seeking but merely waiting, parasitic and potent and serene, drawing to themselves without effort the post-genitive upon and about which to shape, flow into back, breast, bosom, flank, thigh."

It was originally conceived and should be performed as a duet whenever possible, but this solo version is for competitions and recitals when a celllist is not available.

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