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Impossible Etudes II (Even Worse) (by Daniel Berg)

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Musical Features1. Dragonfly:
• Tonally and rhythmically straightforward
• Fits on a 4.3 marimba.
• The melody is simple and lyrical with some interesting harmony. No tempo markings, dynamics, or phrases are indicated.

2. The Dark Side of Marimba Playing
• Each system is based on an approximate time limit (15 seconds), rather than strict meter.
• Dynamics are subdued, ranging from ppp to p.

3. Marimba Etude for Octaves
• Tempo is relatively brisk
• Primarily in 6/8 time with one switch to 4/8
• No phrase or dynamic markings are indicated.

4. Hochzeitsmarsch (Mendelssohn)
• Arrangement of the classic wedding recessional
Technical Features1. Dragonfly:
• Focuses on the development of precise interval changes, primarily with the outer mallets. Interval ranges include M2 up to an octave, but the shifts move mostly in stepwise motion.

2. The Dark Side of Marimba Playing
• Intended to practice long jumps and fast interval shifts in a smooth and controlled manner.
• Inner voices maintain a roll on dissonant cluster chords while outer voices jump for single notes.
• Uses octave intervals.

3. Marimba Etude for Octaves
• RH plays double verticals in larger intervals (up to a 10th), while LH outlines the harmony with arpeggios.
• Works on developing the interval switch from 6th to octave

4. Hochzeitsmarsch
• Arranged to help develop one-handed rolls in both hands.
• May also help develop fast, relaxed motion on double verticals and quick shifting around the instrument.
DurationEach movementt is between 2-4 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional