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In Sweet September (arr. by Yurika Kimura)

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In Sweet September was composed by James Monaco, with lyrics by Edgar Leslie and Pete Wendling. Published in 1920 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. the song immediately became a major hit, covered by popular stars like Al Jolson. It was recorded in 1920 (Vocalion #14079) by The All Star Trio , a group that featured Victor Arden on piano, F. Wheeler Wadsworth on tenor saxophone, and George Hamilton Green on xylophone.

This transcription arrangement is based on the All Star Trio recording, with reference to the original sheet music. The piece is written in the key of C Major in the published version, but was played in Bb major by the All Star Trio. The original key has been maintained for this arrangement. 

Review in Percussive Notes, July 2014

In Sweet September

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