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Fifteen Etudes for Vibraphone (by David Johnson)

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Product Information

Fifteen Etudes for Vibraphone is a sample of most of the things that vibraphone players encounter. Some of the etudes are very tonal and designed to be as beautiful as possible, while others are atonal and based on the ideas and colors used by composers such as George Crumb, Pierre Boulez, and Toru Takemitsu, all of whom composed many wonderful vibraphone pieces.

Some of the etudes have specific technical goals such as developing parallel 6ths, octaves and 4ths. The other etudes are simply designed to explore the colors of the instrument.

These 15 etudes are not just for technical studies, but have all been composed as complete pieces that can be played on recitals.

View Excerpt- Etude #1
View Excerpt - Etude #13