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Sara's Song (by Michael Burritt)

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Sara’s Song by Michael Burritt

Sara’s Song was written in 2005 for one of my dear friends' daughter's wedding, Sara Sartarelli. When the family originally approached me about writing a piece for the ceremony, I didn’t realize they were looking for a work to serve as the processional music.  This immediately became a daunting task. I was, of course, honored to have the opportunity. I believe the short work represents my feelings for the family as well as the emotional significance of this beautiful occasion.

Sara’s Song is dedicated to the entire Sartarelli family (Paul Susie, Sara, Tony and Mila).  It is an offering of love and gratitude for the deep friendship our families have shared.

Watch Michael Burritt perform Sara's Song.


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Musical FeaturesLyrical, but fast and energetic, with lots of opportunity for rubato and phrasing.
Meter and tonality are very straightforward.
Contains continuous running lines of 16th notes that span the entire range of the instrument.
Mallet #4 typically outlines the melody while the other mallets arpeggiate the harmony.
Technical FeaturesVery idiomatic.
Extensive use of double lateral strokes in a variety of permutations.
Requires some very far reaches (3 octaves) and quick jumps between hands.
Duration2 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School