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Two Mexican Dances (by Gordon Stout)

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Gordon Stout's Two Mexican Dances are a standard in the percussion community. This work has been recorded and performed in recital many time over. Each of the movements may be played in conjunction or independently of each other.

Watch Kevin Bobo perform two movements from Gordon Stout's Two Mexican Dances.


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Musical FeaturesThis work incorporates traditional tonal harmonic syntax and classical melodic phrasing, yet each movement has its own distinct character and texture. Both movements use an ABA form. The first movement has a strong rhythmic pulse, starting with an opening ostinato that has become one of the most recognizable in all the marimba literature. The melody is offset from the ostinato creating a full, resonant texture. There is a short development section followed by a return to the opening material in slight variation. The second dance is written in a quasi-improvised manner, in both texture and character. The middle section is much slower and has a lighter and thinner texture, incorporating a two-voice counterpoint. Similarly to the first dance, the second dance has a return to the opening material, this time with added variation in the bass, concluding with a virtuosic passage with a lot of excitement and joy.
Technical FeaturesThe stroke types used in this work are Single Independents, Single Alternating, and Double Verticals.
The student should have good control of interval changes and also be able to hold a single interval for an entire section.
The piece is very idiomatic and requires both a separation of hands (1st movement) and a synthesis of both hands (2nd movement) for the harmonic and melodic content.
Duration5-6 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 4.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional