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December (by Daniel Berg)

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The perfect opener for any recital! The writing is wonderfully idiomatic and a joy to play. Can be performed on a 4.3. (Intermediate)

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Musical FeaturesThis piece uses a basic formal structure of ABA. It utilizes a combination of tonal and jazz harmonies that are linearized through repeated patterns. The piece includes influences of pop music, with an arrival of a more salient and traditional melody that highlights structural arrivals. Overall, I would suggest this piece to be used of more as a piece of repertoire than as an etude. Perfectly acceptable for part of a high school recital.
Technical FeaturesThis piece is very idiomatic for the instrument. Lays well in the hands.
A student should be competent in double verticals, single independent, and single alternating stroke types.
Student should also have control of dynamics and mallet angles to help shape and color the repeated figures at the beginning and ending.
Duration3-4 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 4.3 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School