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Album for the Young I (Schumann/arr. Leigh Howard Stevens)

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Marimba music doesn't get much heavier than the second half of this set. Even the light and simple movements such as Soldier's March and Wild Rider have a certain Germanic seriousness. "Audiences will love this group of transcribed solos for four mallets." (review from PAS NOTES). (Each set contains Easy to Difficult selections. Happy Farmer is not included on the recording.)

This collection (except for Happy Farmer) is included on the CD Marimba When and available as part of the sheet music collection of all pieces from Marimba When.

Marimba When CD   Price: $16.00

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Musical FeaturesThis piece is a standard work in the piano repertoire and fits very well on marimba. While Schumann incorporates some chromaticism, each movement uses standard Western tonality. The five movements can be performed as a complete suite, or individual movements can be played on their own or a smaller suite put together for performance situations. Each movement has its own character, ranging from light and happy, to dark and energetic, to slow and lyrical.
Technical FeaturesWhile not composed for the marimba, these pieces fit well on the marimba. Some non-idiomatic stickings and shifts are required, but they are clearly notated in the music and will positively challenge performers in every movement. Performance notes and stickings have been labeled by Leigh Howard Stevens, allowing performers to have a clear picture of the adaptation to marimba from the original piano work.
DurationN/A - various movements
InstrumentationMarimba 4.3 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional