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Azure (Michael Burritt)

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A more discursive, lyrical and introspective Burritt style is developed in this piece. As is always the case with the music of Michael Burritt, the marimba writing is first-rate, idiomatic, fun to play and makes the marimba sound great.

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Musical FeaturesTonal
Meter – written without time signature
Tempo is indicated clearly at each section
Composer is clear in his directions and markings, including stickings
Repeated passages make this easier to learn and listen to.
Technical FeaturesStroke types: Single Independent, Single alternating, double vertical, double lateral
The player must be fluent with rapid interval changes - from 3nds to octaves
Hands work together as well as independently
Technically very idiomatic, but challenging
Duration11 ½ minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5 Octave
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional