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Caritas (Michael Burritt)

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Caritas is a three-movement piece that employs a traditional harmonic language throughout. The 1st movement titled "Mystic" employs rapid double lateral and sequential sticking patterns that create a blurred effect while maintaining a strong rhythmic pulse. The 2nd movement "Solemn" is a chorale that employs one-handed, traditional, and double lateral rolls. The 3rd movement "Majestic" is a dance-like conclusion that has rapid arpeggiated figures in the left hand as well as octaves and sequential sticking patterns. Caritas is a real crowd-pleaser for the educated as well as the uneducated audience.

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Musical FeaturesThis piece engages the performer (and audience) with neo-Romantic harmonies and a standard 3-part form, typical of many classic and romantic sonatas. Each movement invokes a specific character that corresponds to each movement’s title: Mystic, Solemn, and Majestic. The first movement starts with a chorale that showcases the harmonic framework of the entire piece, then transitions into a quick, flowing linearization of this chorale. The second movement expands on the opening chorale, keeping the same harmonic structure, while augmenting the rhythmic structure. This movement is the center of the structural narrative, and as such is the expressive “center-piece” of the work. The third movement has a strong rhythmic drive with a double-beat ostinato pattern combined with a long flowing melody in the left hand. This pattern is repeated with augmentation and variation of the left hand melody leading to a return of the 2nd movement chorale, which closes the piece.
Technical FeaturesThis piece demands a high level of technical facility across the entire instrument.
It utilizes a variety of roll types: Lateral, Independent, and Standard.
It incorporates all stroke types: Double Vertical, Double Lateral, Single Alternating, and Single Independents
Student should be very proficient in moving around the entire instrument and must possess a strong musical sensibility.
Duration12-14 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional