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Preludes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (by Michael Burritt)

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These much anticipated pieces appeal to players and audiences alike. They encompass a wide variety of stylistic writing, as Burritt exploits the technical and lyrical capabilities of the instrument. Requires a 5.0 octave marimba.

Prelude 1:

Prelude 2:

Prelude 3:

Prelude 4:

Prelude 5:

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Musical FeaturesThe harmonic language is tonal/modal.
Time signatures and rhythmic language is clear and understandable.
Prelude 1 is based on a motor/rhythmic pattern.
Prelude 2 is playful and jumps around the instrument
Prelude 3 is lush and resonant
Prelude 4 is tuneful and refreshing
Prelude 5 is dance-like and fun
Technical FeaturesAll of the Preludes are beautifully idiomatic. They lay on the instrument perfectly. The writing is intuitive and tightly formed.
DurationEach Prelude is 3 – 5 minutes long
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional