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Contemporary Audition Solos for Percussion (by Gregory Fundis)

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This collection was designed specifically for the student who's college bound and who needs appropriate material for entrance and placement auditions. Written to cover a range of difficulty levels, the pieces (4 for mallets, 4 for snare drum, 4 for timpani, and 3 for multiple percussion) offer the serious high school student a choice of suitable and interesting solos to perform.

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Musical FeaturesTonality/pitch system- f minor
Structure-ABA with a small cadenza in the middle
Style-quasi baroque
Expressive markings-many crescendos that do not start or end with a specific dynamic patterns-Alberti bass patterns, arpeggio, scale and thirds patterns
Technical FeaturesRoll types-hand to hand rolls
independence of hands-no
Technically idiomatic
InstrumentationMarimba 4.0 Octave - 2 Mallets, Snare drum, Timpani, Multiple percussion
Level SuggestionMiddle School, High School