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Weiss Guy

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Product Information

Weiss Guy was written by Tony Miceli and James Armstrong in tribute to Steve Weiss, founder of Steve Weiss Music -- the largest percussion retailer in the US, who tragically passed in 2014. Miceli writes of Weiss: I was writing Weiss Guy and messing around with minimalism in my own way, Steve died. I thought about how simple and basic this guy was. He had the biggest percussion store in the world... Despite that, he seemed to be a bare-bones, hippie-lifestyle kind of guy. At that point, I kept thinking of Steve as I wrote the piece and it became his.

Scored for 12 players, Weiss Guy is a mixed percussion ensemble piece that infuses minimalism with jazz quartal harmonies and plenty of room for improvisation, anchored by Armstrong's Afro-Cuban drums and percussion accompaniment. A tribute fitting of the man whose name the piece bears.

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Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentation2 Vibraphones, 1 Glockenspiel, 3 Xylophones, 3 Marimbas (including one 5.0), Cowbell, Ocean Drum, Ganza Shaker, Snare Drum, Ride Cymbal, China Cymbal, Bamboo Wind Chimes, 2 Woodblocks, Bongos, Splash Cymbal, Mark Tree, 2 Congas, Cajon
Level SuggestionIntermediate