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Price: $8.00
Imagine yourself relaxing on a sandy, south-of-the-border beach sipping a cool beverage! This unhurried piece is a marriage of the primitive and the modern with its open modal and contemporary harmonies and syncopated rhythms. Written at the request of the late Karen Ervin Pershing, a wonderful percussionist/teacher. Duration = 3:05

Price: $8.00
The chivalry and romanticism of Merry Olde England is conjured up by this work which features a 6/8 and a 2/4 dance, 4-mallet block-chordal and tonal harmonies and arpeggios over the entire keyboard. Reminiscent of the Elizabethan music of composers, John Dowland and William Byrd. Duration = 3:00

Price: $8.00

Price: $10.00
The best selling composer of Bicksa and Six Bagatelles continues his winning streak with All Hallow's Eve. This complex solo is not for the faint of heart! Dedicated and premiered by Gordon Stout, All Hallow's Eve is guaranteed to add a little spice to your next recital.

Price: $8.00
This single-movement programmatic work for solo marimba is a depiction of "the daily activities in the precarious life of the kudu", a type of antelope which dwells on the plains of Africa. From serene rubatos to panicked obligatos and running ostinatos, this piece promises adventure.

Price: $10.00
Product #HELBLE/P101112
Helble's marimba output spans more than 25 years. The harmonic material has become more stable, tonal and conservative as the years have passed, but there is always that harmonic twist that sets his tonal language apart.

Price: $10.00
Product #HELBLE/P789
Prelude No.7 is a highly chromatic toccata-like piece with a Baroque-like motor rhythm. No.8 is a short but lugubrious treatment of a short, sharp, rhythmic motive. No.9 is a mysterious march that approaches and disappears into the distance.

Price: $18.00
Commissioned by Thomas Burritt, this six-piece set offers a fun musical and technical challenge.

Price: $9.00
A more complicated companion piece to two Short Dances contains similar treatment of thematic cells. Tritones and triplet figures permeate the texture. Can be played on a 4.3 marimba.

Price: $9.00
Begins with a 12/8 swing and moves into a slow expressive rubato before accelerating back into a swing feel for a dramatic finale. Both dances can be performed on a 4.3 marimba.

Price: $8.00
Product #HATCH/C

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Product #HATCH/G

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Product #HATCH/POS

Price: $10.00
Product #HELBLE/P123

Price: $10.00
Product #HELBLE/P456

Price: $14.00
One of Earl Hatch's most popular compositions, this piece is great for the intermediate marimbist. The movements use a variety of styles and present a variety of problems, for both two and four mallets, making the piece pedagogically useful, as well as great fun to play and delightful to hear.

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A concerto for marimba and band.
"Dragon" is more atmospheric, featuring a portentous, ominous opening Adagio, and an Allegro that alternates dark drama with dazzling and climactic moments of triumph.

Price: $17.00
This collection is for the four mallet marimbist who is in the beginning or advanced-beginning phases of technical and musical development. More advanced players may also find these enjoyable to play.

- Thom Hasenpflug

Price: $15.00
Altered Echoes is a four-movement work playable on a 4.6 range (low "E") marimba. The titles of the movements are quite telling: Tropes of Wood, Darkened Spaces, Readings of Change and Particles of Light. It is idiomatic, serious and challenging for the advanced player.

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