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Bluegrass Girl (Murray Houllif)

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Writing for marimba virtuoso Nancy Zeltsman, well-known composer Murray Houllif has translated elements of bluegrass style into music that is completely idiomatic for the marimba. A wonderful piece, which audiences are bound to adore!

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Musical FeaturesBegins at moderato and follows with a slow country waltz, but the final sections are extremely brisk.
Common time for most of the piece; B section is a slow country waltz with slightly swung eighth notes.
Heavy use of blues scale; also modulates to A major
With the exception of the country waltz, the piece is a near-continuous string of 16th notes and sextuplets expanding the full range of the instrument.
Technical FeaturesContains many fast single independent scale runs.
Heavy use of double-lateral patterns.
Intervals up to an octave (LH plays many octave passages)
Some very fast/far leaps around the instrument. Slow country waltz section is marked “Roll as Desired.” While specific roll types aren’t indicated, it will likely include both traditional and one-handed rolls.
For the most part, the piece is idiomatic and fits comfortably in the hands. There are some trickier sections that will require fast double-laterals at very small intervals (m2-M2) or single independent lines that cross over each other.
Duration4 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School