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Masque (by Tsuneya Tanabe)

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A marvelous new work! Masque is in 6 movements with programmatic titles (Frog Song, The Clown, Black and White), and is somewhat more tonal and traditionally structured than Tanabe's Recollections of the Inland Sea. Masque offers ample opportunity for the serious marimbist to display technical mastery and musical maturity, while at the same time thoroughly engaging any audience. The Buffalo News called Masque "delightfully descriptive" and "most appealing."

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Musical FeaturesThis incredible marimba suite is a masterful solo for professional and upper-level college students. Each movement has its own character and style with movement titles of: Entrance and Fanfare, Short March, Frog Song Etude (based on a Japanese folk song), The Clown, Memory of a Lullaby, and Black and White. While the movement titles seem elementary, the music itself is thoughtful, colorful, energetic, and has multiple layers in every movement. Tanabe brilliantly combines tonal and atonal pitch centers that allow the piece to have continuous forward motion and intrigue.
Technical FeaturesAll stroke types are required in this piece, with some many quick changes required for interval shifts and moving around the keyboard. Dynamic contrasts abound, but are clearly notated and contribute to the overall character of each movement. Independence between the hands is required, as well as fast tempos with all techniques. Performers are also asked to play melody lines with all mallets while creating a clear sense of melody and accompaniment layers. The piece is, generally, idiomatic for the player, but several sections will require more advanced technical development. Overall, the technical demands will be well worth the effort for this incredibly musically rewarding piece of music.
Duration12 minutes – 6 movements
InstrumentationMarimba 4.5 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional