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Drei Phantastische Lieder (3 Fantastic Songs) (by Nebojsa Zivkov

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Musical FeaturesThese movements range from the romantic to the dodecaphonic. The first movement begins with a tonal center, but takes many turns through atonality. Tension is pursued through several fleeting and loud motifs, sforzando chords, high range and relentless repetition. A beautiful chorale almost closes this movement, as the tension motif has one last response.
The second movement is atonal consisting of a series of fleeting, gradually expanded short bursts of single line material. This is a fun movement, with a lot of space between each pattern and a calming chorale that leads into the final movement.
The third movement begins with a chorale. As is with much of Zivokic’s music, the dynamics are widely explored. In the middle of the movement, a motor accompaniment in the LH allows for more tonal melodic material to develop in the RH. This quickly evaporates into a series of relentless chords and finally dissipates into a very pointed, soft ending.
Technical FeaturesThe piece explores all stroke types except one-handed rolls. No types take precedence. There is quite a bit of independence between hands. The piece is idiomatic and there is a small amount of sticking recommended. The reaches within the piece are not far between hands. This is a technically demanding piece due to the diversity of styles throughout each movement and the necessity to understand how to deal with space.
Duration8 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 4.3 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional (advanced)