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Colorado Springs (by Leander Kaiser)

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This work for 4.3 marimba is a medium-easy to medium-difficult, tonal, 4-mallet solo in which technical difficulties like fast interval changes are avoided. At 3:30 minutes in length, it combines a beautiful musical and melodic gesture with a wide range of dynamics.

Leander Kaiser has composed a lively 6/8, four-mallet solo for the intermediate-level marimbist. The a-minor melody is almost exclusively in the upper voice with occasional shifting to the lower voices. Conventional, tonal harmonies provide just the right amount of sophistication so that this solo would be suitable either for a festival, contest or audition.
Most of the musical challenges are presented in the dynamic shifts -- which range from
piannissimo to fortissimo -- and are tastefully positioned to provide structural clarity. "Colorado Springs" is a solid marimba solo that provides a pedagogical transition from the elementary four-mallet repertoire to the intermediate level. This solo would be very appropriate for the second- or third-year four-mallet marimba student.
Jim Lambert, Percussive Notes, July 2017

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