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Price: $18.00
Product #HELBLE/P
Commissioned by Theodor Milkov, this piece is a massive, weighty, tonally contrapuntal, and technically brilliant tour de force.

Price: $38.00
Product #NS_RI
An exciting addition to the multi-percussion repertoire, Naomi Sekiya beautifully blends the piano in with the multiple percussion in this tour-de-force. With shifting time signatures, tone clusters and tricky tutti rhythmic passages, this piece will work incredibly well for an advanced degree recital or professional performance.

Price: $48.00
Product #AV_R1
This arrangement of Eric Sammut's Rotation 1 by Andrea Venet is for a percussion ensemble of 10-14 players. The arrangement is a fun, relatively short work for large percussion ensemble that would fit well in any percussion ensemble concert and could be performed by advanced high school and college percussion programs.

Price: $48.00
Product #ES_MIR
Mirages is an original piece with four movements written for vibraphone, marimba, double bass, drums and clarinet/bass clarinet. The composition expresses four different musical moods and personalities.

Price: $15.00
Product #MG_TST
Domenico Scarlatti (1695-1757) was an Italian composer best known for his 555 keyboard sonatas. The keyboard sonatas were composed mainly for the harpsichord or early fortepiano. This collection includes Sonata in G Major K.2 L.388 and Sonata in e minor K. 98 L.325 arranged for solo marimba.

Price: $120.00
Product #DA_CTP&W
Concerto for Timpani, Percussion and Winds was commissioned and composed in 2004 for Robert McCormick and the University of South Florida Percussion Symphonic Wind Ensemble. In this concerto, the solo timpanist, winds and percussion section interact equally in the transformation and development of thematic materials.

Price: $40.00
Product #GS_WM2
This marimba part to this version is exactly the same as the original for solo marimba (2010). There are now additional string parts (two violins, viola, and cello) to accompany this solo. An even more beautiful version of one of Stout's most beautiful compositions.

Price: $36.00
Product #GS_AB
My very first composition employing vibes in a solo context. This duo is for EASTHAMA, the mallet duo consisting of Lindsey Eastham and Hiromu Nagahama, who were winners of the Duo Category at the last Southern California International Marimba Compeition in 2013.

Price: $38.00
Product #GS_ME
Manhattan Escapades was written in 2012 for two marimbas, both requiring a 5.0 instrument. Premiered at Ithaca College in 2014 with Gordon Stout and Kate Burns (Vorel).

Price: $36.00
Product #GS_TFT
Tailoring for Two was written for my student Taylor Katanick, and premiered by Taylor and Gordon Stout in 2014 at Ithaca College. A really fun duo, requiring two 5.0 marimbas.

Price: $18.00
Product #AdmasJr_5TS
These pieces, which range from three to five minutes, can be utilized effectively in private instruction, performing in a studio class or compiled together for a suite to be performed in public. These aspects will serve students and audience members alike and are worth considering for your library.

Price: $10.00
Product #AdamsJr_FL
Falling Leaves is a challenging piece for an advanced snare drummer who wants to be pushed technically, musically and creatively. This would be perfect for an audition.

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Results 61 - 72 of 72