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Where Do Dreams Go? (by John Mark Piper)

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More reflective in character than 'Baroque in Swing', 'Dreams' asks the vibraphonist to shape flowing melodic lines through subtle dynamic variations. Dampening skills are essential! As with all the "Seven Songs," the vibraphonist is also given the opportunity to improvise. May be performed as a solo or with rhythm section.

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Musical FeaturesThe piece is written for solo vibraphone, and includes a lead sheet for accompaniment. With the lead sheet, this short piece can easily be arranged for a traditional jazz combo, rhythm section, or even small percussion ensemble.
Technical FeaturesBoth classical and jazz percussionists may find the piece accessible, as Mr. Piper has specifically notated the solo vibraphone part, including slurs, pedal markings, and mallet dampening, and included a large section of the piece for improvising over chord changes. Those less familiar with jazz repertoire may find this to be a suitable piece for intermediate players, as the part is so detailed. That being said, the solo part is challenging, requiring the management of multiple voices as well as techniques specific to vibraphone, such as mallet dampening.
DurationApprox. 4 minutes
InstrumentationVibraphone 3.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional