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Roland Stolk

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Roland Stolk

Roland Stolk was born in Schiedam, Holland in 1965. He graduated with distinction from the Conservatory in Rotterdam, Holland in 1987 and went on to pursue his studies at the Berklee College on Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he received lessons from Ed Saindon and Gary Burton.

Upon returning to Holland in 1990, Roland was nominated for the Pall Mall Swing Award and the Wessel Iicken prize. He has played with Global Village, Art van Damme, Tonu Naissoo, and for various CD productions. Together with Leon de Laat, Roland co-founded Mallet Unit. He has also been active for years as a vibist, keyboard-player, and percussionist in the Dutch theatre circuit. Next to having been a private tutor, Stolk has taught at the conservatory in Rotterdam, Holland and Leuven's conservatory in Belgium. He also plays in various orchestras on a free-lance basis.

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