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Go2 Series


Everybody's got their favorite mallet -- the one they reach for when warming up, or reading through new literature. The difference here is that we asked these artists to design their Go2 mallet -- from the core out. More models coming soon ...

AH8-10 sold in increments of 1 set (4 mallets). Price indicated is per set.
SMH14, WW12, IT13, SH14 sold in increments of 2 pairs (4 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.
JS40 sold in increments of 1 pair (2 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.

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Price: $84.00
Product #AH8-10

Andy Harnsberger's design offers something new in graduated marimba mallet sets: a slightly graduated set of four that sounds great all over the instrument. There is just enough difference between them to take out the harshness in the bottom octave of the instrument, but still have sufficient pop in the top octave.

These mallets are sold in sets of 4 only.

Price: $42.00
Product #SMH14

Se-Mi's Go2 mallet is a light-weight (34 grams per stick) medium-hard model that works with her impressionistic and contemporary repertoire to enhance the graceful virtuosity of her approach to the marimba.  It is built around a rubber-covered nylon disk and wrapped with a special wool and nylon blend of yarn.

SMH14s are available on select 5/16-inch diameter, full-length birch handles.

Price: $33.00
Product #JS40

Jon Singer has used wooden mallets on his xylophone for many years and found that he liked the heads best after the fibers started to break down. Malletech has found a way to "pre-stress" the surface to get to that perfect, slightly softer attack right out of the bag.  

Unlike many "rosewood" mallets that are really other species of wood, these are made from marimba bars that didn't make the grade in Malletech's instrument department!  

1-1/4-inch diameter certified Dalbergia Stevensoni Honduran Rosewood heads on 7.5 to 8 mm diameter rattan.   

Price: $46.00
Product #WW12

Warren Wolf is the "heaviest of the heavy hitters," but he wanted his everyday mallet to be medium weight. Because he hits his Omega hard, his Go2 mallet requires an extremely durable 100% nylon yarn stitched with proprietary internal and external reinforcement.

Available on 9 mm to 9.5 mm rattan.

Price: $42.00
Product #SH14

These mallets perform well in solo repertoire, percussion ensemble and chamber music - and can be combined with other Malletech models to create a 'custom' graduated set.

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