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Seminar Feedback

Malletech - LHS Summer Marimba Seminar

“In general, this seminar will probably be one of, if not THE most important musical experience in terms of development and networking. Please continue this for future students - the knowledge and friendships and inspiration are priceless.”

 “I have developed more as a musician in these 3 1/2 weeks than in three years of college ... an opportunity unparalleled anywhere else in the world.”

“The most important musical event of my life.”

“There are no words I can say that can convey the influence you have had on me over the last few weeks – it’s been monumental in my career as a musician.”

“This was truly a life-changing experience.”

“An incredible seminar – I learned so much about music – it was just awesome every day.”

“The most complete and thorough percussion experience I’ve ever been a part of. Covered so many subjects I didn’t even know existed!”

“It was exactly what I needed both as a person and as a musician.”

“Anyone who chooses not to attend has no idea what they’re missing.”

“This seminar has given me the foundations of being a REAL musician.

I feel so much more capable of achieving my dreams.”

“The best learning experience of my life – musically and personally.”

“The location, Ocean Grove was amazing. A small, quaint town is the perfect atmosphere for this course.”

“Fabulous experience! Life Altering!! Thank you !!!”

“I feel like an entirely different, and more mature musician.”

“This was by far my greatest musical experience I’ve had so far in my life.”

“This has been so much more than I ever could have imagined.”

“This is an amazing program and has influenced my musical ideas more than I can ever express on paper. I will be forever grateful to Leigh for all the time, effort and shared knowledge.”


And finally, a complaint letter: “I felt overwhelmed with the amount of material we covered.”